Thatching Services

As experienced Master thatchers, we provide a full and comprehensive thatching service to our customer’s requirements. With years of experience and expertise in thatching and growing our own materials, we offer surveys, free estimates and other relevant advice on all thatched roof properties.

We carry out professional thatching work on all types of buildings; houses, barns, summer houses, well tops, golfing huts and even bird tables! We also create straw finials (straw figures) to our customers requirements.

  • Roof thatching
  • Straw thatching
  • Reed thatching
  • Full Re-thatching
  • Emergency Thatching Repairs
  • Thatch Roof Construction
  • Thatch Maintenance
  • Thatch Re-Ridging
  • Thatched Roof Repairs
  • Ridge Thatch Patterns
  • Straw Finials/Animals/Ornaments
  • Carpentry
  • Scaffolding
  • Fireproofing
  • Rethatching

Ridge and Repair

This service involves removing the existing ridge pattern on the building and replacing it with a new ridge which is then re-wired. The existing roof will be repaired where necessary. Priority will be given wherever possible to emergency repairs

Reed Full Re-Thatching

This service involves removing all the existing thatch. Once this process is complete it may be necessary to undertake some work to upgrade the existing timbers in the roof before a re-thatch can be carried out to a depth of 15 to 18 inches with a ridge design included.

Straw Full Re-Thatching

This service involves removing the existing thatch (depending on the condition of the roof it may be necessary to remove more than one layer of straw if there are many old layers of thatch). Once this process is complete a new top thatch will be carried out to a depth of 16 to 18 inches with a ridge design included.

Woodwork, Scaffolding and Carpentry

We undertake any woodwork necessary including the replacement of rafters, install fire boards where required, do filleting of chimneys, organise the provision of scaffolding (and where possible use our own scaffolding), and liaise with other workmen on site. We remove all rubbish and endeavour to leave the site as clean as we found it.

Materials We Use

For Straw Thatching

All the straw that we use is grown locally by ourselves and we own in excess of 100 acres of land. This is harvested by ourselves and used on our client’s roofs as well as being supplied to other Thatchers.

Flailed Straw (also known as Combed Wheat Reed) – This is undamaged straw and consists of a wheat and Rye mix known as Triticalli discovered in Scotland in 1860. It grows much taller than normal wheat straw and can be up to 5ft tall.

Long Straw – This is drum threshed straw which is prepared by hand on our own premises.

For Reed Thatching

Water Reed – Is a very durable material which has been grown naturally within our region of East Anglia for hundreds of years.

Imported Reed – We can import Reed from Turkey, Hungary, Poland and South Africa. This material has similar qualities to water reed but is more often used as it is easier to obtain.